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Our Story

One night, after dinner, our Founder was discussing the idea of a portable slushie machine with his cousin Aloysius from Gonzaga. The idea he pitched was to put a slushie machine on the back of a golf cart and sell slushies up and down the boardwalks. As it happens, the two were discussing the idea over a well-deserved smoke. Luckily, college students only pay attention half the time and Aloysius replied that he "would DEFINITELY drink a THC slushie on the beach..." To which our Founder replied, "that's not what I said, but...HANG ON JUST A SECOND!" And Magic happened! Thunderbolts Struck! 1+1=2! OF COURSE!

Ten months later after testing, and trying, and pleading big companies to get involved…Kentucky Slushie launched as a one-man band, but not without the support of SO many Cannabis Industry Professionals along the way. Special thanks to Three Good Buds and Fat Nugs Magazine for giving us a community of colleagues and friends in the beginning…

Extraction & Emulsion Partners

25 mg Delta 9 THC per Serving

First of a Kind

Full Spectrum



Constant Improvement

Great Moments in Kentucky Slushie History